RAF Tempsford Museum

RAF Tempsford was perhaps the most secret airfield of the Second World War. Home to 138 & 161 Special Duties Squadrons, it was tasked with dropping SOE Agents and supplies into occupied Europe, and the retrieval or 'pick up' of personnel returning to England.

Tempsford Museum contains a large archive of material relating to RAF Tempsford, including individual and crew photographs, documents, maps, parts of aircraft and an officers uniform. Sadly there are very few Tempsford veterans left, and a lot of their memories and photographs are disappearing. If you have any material relating to RAF Tempsford we would love to hear from you, so that we can keep this fascinating story alive.

Below is information on some of the material we hold.


Donation of Lockheed- Hudson Undercarriage - 2015

On 5th April 2015, the family of Squadron Leader Reginald Wilkinson donated the undercarriage of Lockheed Hudson T9463 to Tempsford Museum. The aircraft had took off from RAF Tempsford on the evening of 26th November 1944. On board were five men - a crew of four: the pilot Squadron Leader Reginald Wilkinson,  Flying Officer John Weddell (Navigator), Flight Lieutenant Frederick Champion (Air Gunner) and Flight Lieutenant George Ash (Air Gunner) along with agent Paul Penczock, alias Paul Woderski. Their mission code name 'Fleckney' was to drop the agent near Arnstadt, Germany, well behind enemy lines. On the return journey the plane was shot down near Brisy, Belgium, close to the Luxembourg border, almost certainly by an American Fighter, killing all four crew.

On 27th November 2014, a 70th commemoration ceremony was held in Brisy, during which a piece of the undercarriage of the plane was presented to Mr Frank Wilkinson, brother of the pilot.

It was decided by the family that the undercarriage should come back to rest in Tempsford, and perhaps in some way, a little of the memory of the men who flew in her. And so on Easter Sunday, 5th April 2015 the piece was presented to the Museum in a small ceremony, and unveiled by Reg's brother Frank.

Pictured below are the crew of T9463

Squadron Leader
Reginald E Wilkinson

Flying Officer
John Weddell

Flight Lieutenant
Frederick Champion

Flight Lieutenant
George Ash
Undercarriage of Lockheed Hudson T9463

Mr Frank Wilkinson, brother of the pilot.