About The Museum

The Tempsford Museum and Archive was opened in July 2013. It houses a vast collection of memorabilia, artefacts, deeds, estate maps, newspaper articles, family papers, photographs, books and letters associated with the village of Tempsford, collected over more than 20 years by local amateur historian, Steve Cooney.

This combined with family papers and artefacts owned by the Gosling family whom have been in the village for over 400 years, means we have an extensive historical collection. Together Steve Cooney and Carole Gosling came up with the idea that the collection needed to be entrusted to a group of trustees to look after it for the long term future, and so the Museum and archive was born.

The trustees are a bunch of enthusiastic members of the community, who will ensure that the  collection, and any future additions, are maintained for posterity.

The trustees are bound by a legal constitution which ensures the collection is protected for the long term future, and that it is made accessible to the public.


Steve Cooney
Steve Cooney - Chairman